WOW – Two years and nothing to say?

I have neglected my blog, not because I have faded into non existence but I have been so immersed in my physical reality.

Early in 2015 I had to vacate the space I had been inhabiting for the previous four years as the demolition crew came in and this happened to my studio, I was literally loading the truck as they were removing the roof!



Look how nice it was before all the earth came out of the ground!

Luckily opportunity arouse and I moved my operations to the country to an ex MOD site that had lain dormant for ten years.  It was damp had no services, no water no electricity and I have never seen such an expanse of spider webs.

It was shelter but it felt like we had gone back in time.  I became aware that running water and electricity, something we take for granted, is a luxury not universally present. Installing solar panels to charge batteries propelled us into the future and the space was gaining functionality.  Making it habitable was a huge undertaking but after several months I had the best environment for making art I could imagine.

Studio image

Once vaguely habitable I set about making art.  It was hard to remember where I left off but laying out my salvaged ingredients ideas started flowing and pieces began to form.


colour pipes


Park Legally.jpg

Threats of violence from authorities, what makes the establishment different from gangsters is just that, they have long since established their system of governance, which came about through violence and is maintained by the threat of it



Toblorone front on.jpgPyramids sq.jpgPentahedron grey.jpgpastle pent 2.jpg


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