The Unfairground Glastonbury 2014

We always do something crazy at Glastonbury festival.  A few years ago Wreckage myself and crew turned an old display pod on hydrologic legs into a preying mantis space ship vodka bar, that Lyle DogHead made a beautiful pair of wings for, which gently moved up and down.

This year was much more sensible, I painted a car planted into the mud with a giant baby doll planted on the top.  I initially was going to paint a colour fade over the car, starting with dirty browns and greens, then moving through the colour range, painting the top of the car the colour of the sky.

glasto car 2
Photo by Wallcandy

Then Sam Hagerty placed an over sized childs doll on top which made me reconsider.  Not convinced I had the right idea I visited the field in the dark of night to see how the absence of sunlight changed the vista.  This car was right at the entrance to the field and I was painting alongside artists like Chu and Dotmasters so I had to do a good job or my face would be rubbed in the mud.  Chu was theming his car around the contentious subject of fracking, which inspired me to paint something more than just pretty colours.

I decided to paint white over the majority of the colours I had already applied, leaving only the browns and greens at the base of the car.  A symbol of nature and of earth, the white being a symbol of innocence and purity.  The baby also a icon for innocence and purity placed on top of the car as if a sacrifice on an altar would be painted black as if dipped in oil.  The oil runs down the car in big thick dripps symbolising the blood of the planet.  The car as symbol of the state of our species development, sacrificing our future for the pleasures of today.  The meaning of innocence behind the use of white become a statement of our nievity as we relentlessly poison our planet and condemn our children to an uncertain future.

Glasto car 1


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