Industrial conduit covers

In addition to the covers for the conduit junctions, I also salvaged the covers to the linear sections of conduit.  Here I am experimenting with techniques of fading colour and with the positioning of the piece to the frame to effect the complementaries.  This process explores the relationship between the piece and the frame as well as the relationship between the colouration of each frame and the negative space.  The very controlled technique of grading the colour is contrasted in method and visual aesthetic with the addition of mixed paint being poured from the centre, allowing it to move freely, only controlling it enough to prevent it from running off the canvas.  At every change in material or process the colour flips to its complementary, constantly jumping position on the colour wheel, the works are vibrant yet also calm and balanced.

rainbow triptych 2

On salvaged conduit covers
Acrylic spray paint on salvaged conduit covers

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